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DC Resources Baltics

DC Resources is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of granite aggregates in Northern Europe, providing high quality inert building materials from production facilities in Norway. In cooperation with partners in the Baltic States, DC Resources Baltics SIA (formerly Yeoman Latvia) has been active in supplying building materials for projects in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia since 1999. Since 2012, the company has been supplying granite aggregates from its terminals in Riga (KS Terminal) and Tallinn (Muuga Port).
By joining Group De Cloedt in 2017, the company's position in the market strengthens by supplementing product range with granite aggregates from Eikefet, Seljestokken quarry and armour stone from the Eidsnes quarry. Providing a full range of materials for road, bridge, rail and hydraulic construction, the company delivers up to 1.3 million tonnes of inert building materials to its customers in the Baltic States each year.
As part of Group De Cloedt, DC Resources Baltics is also active in other segments:

  • dredging
  • environmental projects, participation in site remediation projects and remediation of contaminated soil in Baltics, as well as in factories in Copenhagen and Ghent

We can handle projects and tasks no matter size or type

We are a part of the Belgium Group De Cloedt, who has departments in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, France, Holland, Norway and Poland. In numbers more than 500 employees, 20 ships and a yearly turnover over 350 mill Euro. This is your assurance that we can handle all tasks!

Our Group:

Denmark ➯ dcresources.eu
Norway ➯ dcresources-norway.eu
Poland ➯ kruszywo.net
UK ➯ dcaggregates.co.uk
Germany ➯dcresources.de

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