Starting the 2021 season

Recently, in the port of Riga, SIA "KS Terminal" delivered another vessel with granite aggregates to ensure the supply of high-quality inert construction materials for Latvian infrastructure projects - road, railway and bridge construction. Material - 24,058 tons was produced and loaded at the quarry of our company- DC Resources Norway.

We are ready for the 2021 season!

By the end of 2020

The year 2020 with its challenges has brought many innovations to every company. Work remotely, digital online conferencing and video presentations with customers are already in a commonplace today.
Adapting to the situation and expanding cooperation has contributed to the another dynamic year for DC Resources Baltics. New collaborations have been concluded and the range of products offered has been expanded. Inert construction materials have been delivered to Airport Riga for various projects, construction works of Jūrmala highway, reconstruction of Salu bridge, renovation works of Marija and A.Čaka streets and other infrastructure construction projects.
Records have also been broken - this year we have the largest amount of exported material from the warehouse of KS Terminal in one working day - more than 2000.00 tons. It means- nearly 100 trucks have been loaded and weighed in 8 hours.
In December, we welcomed the 125th ship - "Stornes" with granite aggregates at the KS Terminal. This delivery was special because this FFPV (flexible fall pipe vessel) is one of the most modern vessels in the world, providing aggregates laying at sea with an accuracy of up to 20 cm, and it is a kilometer + depth!

We thank you for 2020 and wish you perseverance and optimism in 2021!


Official representative of Dolomitas AB in Latvia

Dolomitas AB and Group De Cloedt / DC Resources have been successful partners for more than 10 years, supplying aggregates to major infrastructure projects in Lithuania.
Continuing and developing our mutual relations, we are happy to announce the next step of cooperation.
DC Resources Baltics becomes the official representative of Dolomitas AB in the Latvian market, expanding the range with high-class dolomite aggregates.
This significantly complements the DC Resources Baltics product range, providing customer needs for various projects with high-quality inert building materials.

Please get in touch for product, quality or delivery answers.

Official cooperation announcement letter Dolomitas AB un DC Resources Baltics SIA sadarbības vēstule  pdf


By the end of 2019

Another dynamic and successful year has been spent in supplying granite aggregates.
In cooperation with our production specialists, we have been able to provide good specifications of granite aggregates to meet the requirements of different projects.
In total we have delivered almost 300 000 tons of granite material of various fractions in Latvia this year. We have participated in such major projects as "Reconstruction of the "Salu" Bridge Complex", "Reconstruction of the National Highway (A10)", "Reconstruction of the Riga International Airport Access (P133)" and others.
The total volume of granite crushed stone delivered in the Baltic States is over 800 thousand tons, over 100 ship voyages have been used for its delivery.
We would like to thank you for the trust you have given us in choosing us as your supplier and partner. We are excited for next year to set new goals and reach new heights. We wish you success and a relentless work force in New Year!
Happy New Year, 2020!