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The quarry in Sløvåg started its business in 1994 and is extracting gneiss which is some 1,5 billion years old.
In 2017, Yeoman Halsvik was acquired by Belgian Group de Cloedt (100%) and today, the company is operating under the name DC Halsvik Aggregates AS (DCHA). DCHA also has extraction rights in Kvalsund, which is located in Northern Norway.


As of today, there is a permit to extract some 160 million tonnes with a scope for even more. Recent years have established an annual sales- and production volume of some 2 million tonnes, which are being delivered to the primary markets of the coastal areas in Northern Europe.
DCHA has established itself as a recognized and preferred supplier of quality aggregates in the north-European market and is looking to build on this position in the future.

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