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Our materials ensure the coasts

DC Resources Baltics is a specialized supplier in armour stone and water building stone for coastal protection, construction and landscape projects. With two quarries, good partners and efficient logistics, we offer hard rock granite that ensures long-lasting and timeless results. We have what you need for your next project.

What is armour stones?

Armour stone is a natural quarry stone chosen for its durability and robustness against degradation and wear. The stones are quarried by drilling and blasting, then by selection and screening to achieve the specified grading. They look attractive and fit natural surroundings.


Armour stone provides safety for both environment and people, with increasing storms and floods, rising sea levels, coastal protection is an increasing focus area at DC Resources. 

Slope protection

Slope protection is constructed to avoid erosion of dunes and droughts and is built with stones that fits in size with the surrounding nature. Slope protection is a form of backstop that at the same time looks beautiful and is natural in the landscape.


Breakwaters can be constructed in many ways, but a commonly used Construction is rubble mound breakwaters. A rubble mound break consists of three layers where the outer layer is built of armour stone. The construction helps break the storm waves so the energy is broken and reflection spreads.