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One of our greatest assets is our knowhow and experience in shipping. We run our own shipping department and take care of all logistics, coordination and communication, so you don’t have to do anything.
Annually we sail between 1,0 and 1,3 million tons of hard stones to Baltics distributed between approx. 100 vessels. The majority of our cargos comes from Norway and Sweden and are transported on ships ranging in size from 2.500 to 10.000 tons.

Always close to you

It’s important to us that you feel safe when choosing us as your collaborator. Therefore we can call at all ports, making sure your delivery is always close to the end distribution. Over the years we’ve learned that availability, communication and credibility are key factors if you want to be a good supplier. For the same reason we always have plenty of ships at sea, ready to react and take action if new opportunities or sudden issues arises.